The App is no longer available because Instagram closed the service to the API

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Followers for Instagram is the most popular app for Instagram community management. It provides analytics and insights that empower brands to understand their community and evolve creatively.

Hilft mir hervorragend beim tracken meiner Statistiken auf Instagram. Schönes Design und alles sehr übersichtlich. Man kann 3 Tage kostenlose alle Funktionen testen, ohne danach ein Abo an den Versen zu haben, wie es bei anderen Apps der Fall ist.. ich habe mich für die App entschieden, da sie viele Funktionen besitzt, die andere Apps nicht zur Verfügung stellen 🙂- Mars123viele
Followers Analytics Features:

– Track new Instagram followers
– Track Instagram unfollowers (users who followed you and decided to not follow you anymore)
– Track Instagram followers that don’t follow you back
– Track Instagram followers you don’t follow Back
– Track Deleted Likes & Comments (users who liked or commented, and decided to unlike or uncomment)

User Audience Insight Features:

– Users you like, but not following
– Users you follow, but never liked their posts
– History of users you unfollowed
– Users who requested to follow you (for private accounts)
– Oldest & Newest Instagram Users

Post / Media Insight Features:

– Your most popular posts (by likes, comments)
– Your least popular posts (by likes, comments)

Engagement Insight Features:

– Your best followers who like and comment on your posts the most
– Your secret admirers (non followers) who like and comment on your posts the most
– Your worst followers (followers who doesn’t like or comment on your posts)

More Features:

– Supports for multiple accounts (Instagram, Twitter & Facebook)
– Background monitoring with push notifications when someone unfollow or follow you

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